White Swiss Shepherd Dog  Biewer Yorkshire Terrier    Yorkshire Terrier
kennel UKU (FCI)   № 548/06 




We are glad to welcome you on a site of our nursery! When we created this site, to us very much it would be desirable to be interesting and useful to all, who is interested White Swiss in the shepherd!
One year, ago starting to work with breed, we did not know about the White shepherd anything, except for that that, she(it) is divinely beautiful and madly charming.
It was necessary to collect on drops, all recommendations to check the information on own dogs.
Now, after one year, we can tell about it(her) much enough.
We would like to share this knowledge with everyone to whom it is interesting.
We shall be very glad to dialogue with you is one more, not less important reason of opening of a site.
So, we invite you closer to get acquainted with most imposing of all shepherds